Old Town Landmark Residence

Landmark row house reimagined

Project Type: Addition + Renovation
Partner Type: Project Architect & Construction Manager
Location: Chicago
Partner: Norsman Architects

After the previous owner of 60 years moved on, this 1887 Victorian designed by Burnham & Root underwent a stunning transformation. Originally a 13-tenant boarding house, the new owners chose to restore the multi-family nature with a second unit on the ground level. Occupying the upper 3 floors they utilized Passive House technologies to maximize efficiencies and enable them to leave behind any inefficiences of the building’s history. The constraints of an inaccessible site due to it’s boulevard street front and (D)ADU / coach house rear yard, the house also presented challenging construction staging. Section by section the existing structure and floors were removed and rebuilt after decades of neglect. When complete, the home will have little of its original nature on the interior while still mainting its historical roots from the street. Designed and built with Norsman Architects and its construction arm, House Plant, Inc.